The Shanghai Golfers Club

shanghai golfers clubThe Shanghai Golfers Club started on a casual basis during the mid 90's by a group of dedicated social golfers who recognized the need to bring golfers together every weekend to play well organized competitions based on an approved handicap system. The Shanghai Golfers Club - SGC - was formally brought together in 2001.

We are a group of male and female social golfers who play every weekend in all weather conditions. We believe in playing to the R&A Rules of Golf, in mixing with all nationalities, and having an enjoyable competitive game. We welcome all standards of players from a social to low handicapper, but we insist that the individual adhere to the rules of our club and to the rules of golf.

We keep our membership at about 120 players with 40-60 players teeing up every Saturday at different courses in the Shanghai area. To join we ask you come play with us as a guest and talk to one of our committee members who are alawys on hand. Guest players are always welcome, if we have open spots available.

To sign up as a guest or ask for more information send us an email (see the contact us info above).


The 2010 SGC committee shall maintain the membership at the current level of ~125 local members and  "overseas" memebers who former members who have left Shanghai but occasionally visit and join us for a game.

At this level of numbers, we are just able to secure sufficient tee times each week at the various greater Shanghai golf courses to meet demand. 

SGC welcomes applicants for membership throughout the year. As many of our members are ‘transient” and subject to being relocated by their companies, vacancies do occur on a regular basis. The committee keeps a “waiting list” of applicants that will be advised when vacancies occur. 

  • This waiting list is reviewed as openings arise..
  • Players wishing to join the SGC should sign up to play as guests on the regular Saturday events. Please e mail your request via our Contact Form. If our normal slots are not filled, we will take guests on an ad hoc basis. SGC Members take priority. When you play talk to a committee member to receive an application form.
  • Guests are not eligible to contest the prizes on offer and do not receive the free shirt / cap issued each year. These may however be purchased, subject to availability.
  • Once accepted as an SGC member, the new member will have to play 5 x SGC games to establish an SGC handicap or present to the SGC Committee a verifiable handicap (through the USGA, R&A etc). However, the committee reserves the right to simply not accept a score based on a 5 card handicap if it rediculously good.
  • golf shotTo sign up for an event, guests can check the schedule of events on the website and submit an email via our Contact Form .
  • Guests will pay the same rate as members at any course and be able to use the free bus provided by the Big Bamboo sports bar. When submitting a request to play, guests need to specify the date they wish to play, an indication of their handicap (for “grouping” purposes) and whether they will use the bus or not.
  • Guests who fail to turn up for an event without giving 24 hours notice to SGC will be expected to pay a “no show fee” of RMB 500 as SGC are most likely liable to pay this to the golf club for loss of part of one flight.
  • Members whose introduced guests fail to turn up as per above, will be held responsible to pay the RMB 500 no show fee.
  • Members should never turn up on a scheduled golf outing without making a booking. The SGC do not own the golf course. Please remember we are guests on these private courses.
  • The SGC website has additional information on our club, though the basics are simple:
  • We play almost every Saturday of the year and on occasions, Sundays.
  • We hold several major tournaments each year, several away trips in China and several away trips overseas. (In recent years we have been to Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Ireland)
  • We are a golfing social club and as such, mix the groupings to avoid cliques. Requests can be made to play with specified partners on occasion.
  • Annual dues are RMB 1200 a year and each paid-up member receives a club shirt & cap or equivalent each year .
  • Our members also actively participate as sponsors. With their support, we are able to provide great merchandise (shirts, caps, equipment, wine, booze, dinner vouchers, awards) and most important, create a dynamic charitable program. We welcome your participation.
  • Tianma Country Club is our home club. We play Tianma each month and gain very competent support from the club:
  • The SGC committee comprises volunteer members.
  • SGC is an amateur, non-profit club.
  • guysExisting members and new members are expected to carry the load during the golfing year. By this we mean “get involved” and:
  • Assist with the weekly bus monitoring.
  • Print and bring your own schedule for each games event.
  • Assist in getting groups of players ready before Teeing off.
  • Assist with score card collection after the game
  • Assist by ensuring that all cards and your team’s cards are accurately filled out.
  • Assist the committee from time to time adding score cards after the game.
  • Occasionally volunteer to act as MC on the golf day.
  • Always play to the official rules of golf – as per USPGA / R&A RULE BOOKS - REAL RULES!
  • Towards the end of each year, volunteers to stand for the next years committee are sought. Elections are held by simple e mail process that calls for 5 of the names to be selected by each member, plus a vote for chairman.
  • Once elected, the committee makes decisions on the running of the club without much reference to members.
  • The committee meets every 4 to 6 weeks and maintains minutes of meetings.
  • Members can pose any questions they like at any weekly event. Suggestions will (probably) be listened to and rarely implemented. :-)

As a member of SGC, you will soon find that we are a very social group and we all live for the game of golf.